Alexander is teaching jazz/ contemporary jazz.

He has been teaching his dance class in several productions, in his role as a dancer, dance captain and choreographer.

Working as a choreographer since 2008, he has spent innumerable hours in studio, teaching and working with different dancers and artists.

With his joy to create and share his material, he teaches his classes with the greatest passion.


Studio session snippet 2013

dance impro, multi-camera ad lib October 2013

A collaboration with graduation students Bachelor of Multi-camera Production at Lillehammer University College - workshop Dance on Camera.


Treningshuset Turnhallen - teaching gymnastics/acrobatics 2014/2015

New course spring 2015

  • Akrobatikk og turn for dansere/musikalartister

Autumn 2014 / Spring 2015

  • Idrettens grunnstige 7-9 år (tirsdagspartiet)
  • Salto 10-14 år
  • Akrobatikk og turn for voksne

Touch of Dance - teaching and admin 2014/2015

A collaboration with Touch of Dance; 80 percentage employment from August 2014 - April 2015.

 40% dance teacher (jazz, contemporary, company work, yoga, boys class), and 40% administration (PR, artistic director, consultant department fitness center) - additional artistic work, professional development, i.a.

Gymnastics - choreography and coaching 2014

A collaboration with Asker Turnforening, working with gymnasts and their floor routines in March/April, preparation for national and international championships.

Have been working with Martine Rustad Skregelid who later qualified to participate in the Youth Olympics 2014 in China after good results in European Championships in May - picked out as one of 42 gymnasts from all over the world; competition coming up in August. Also been working with Martine in July.

Link Norges Gymnastikk- og Turnforbund

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